Favorite Breakfast Tacos

vegetarian breakfast tacos recipe

These “breakfast” tacos are a quick and satisfying meal any time of day. They’re full of fluffy scrambled eggs and seasoned sautéed vegetables, and topped with whatever you have handy—hot sauce or salsa, maybe some avocado or guacamole if you’ve got it.

My husband makes great breakfast tacos, and he makes them often. I’m a lucky lady. I’ve been studying his technique as I sip my coffee, so I’m sharing his recipe (give or take) with you today.

breakfast taco ingredients

These egg tacos are a great way to use up your random leftover veggies. Or, if you’re in a hurry to get home and make them, follow his lead and stop at the grocery store’s salad bar for a variety of prepared vegetables and cheese. Why didn’t I think of that?

Make this flexible recipe a couple of times and you’ll have it memorized. Breakfast tacos will save the day.

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