Norma Jean Debut New Song “/with_errors”

ALL HAIL! Norma Jean have released another song from their new album, All Hail! It’s called “/with_errors,” making it the second track we’ve heard from the album to feature unusual punctuation, after “[Mind Over Mind].” In this case, the unnecessary characters indicate computer code. Although the song’s lyrics don’t say anything about computers. Or maybe they do? Honestly, shit’s pretty open to interpretation:

No need for dirt, I’m already still
I outweigh the orbit, I’ve
Never been around the sun
Always beside it
The burn is a reaction
Repeat the strokes that will bring the
Water to my neck, the tears over my head

Also, the single art has a sleepy-looking wolf in a washing machine.

So I guess I’m not entirely clear on what this song is about.

BUT… whatever because it’s way cool. It’s relatively slow and low-energy by Norma Jean standards, although it will definitely still scare the bloomers off your grandma. It’s got a lot of chunk, groove, and chunky groove, and those are all good things IMO.

Listen to “/with_errors” below, then head to the comments section to share your interpretation of the song’s lyrics. Remember, it’s art, so there are no wrong answers!

Norma Jean’s All Hail, comes out October 25 via Solid State. Pre-order it here. The band is on tour throughout October and November! Get yourself some tickets here.

[via The PRP]

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